Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My employer or someone else is paying my rent. Do I still need to fill out a rental and background check application?

Answer: Yes. All potential tenants are required to fill out both a rental and background check application, no exceptions.

Question: Hey, I see you have a rental available. I  can move in right away! It's an emergency!

Answer: We are sorry for your plight. All rentals are subject to both a rental and background application first, and there are no guarantees that the rental will be offered.

Question: Is there a fee for filling out the applications?

Answer: There is no fee for the rental application, but there is a fee for the background check application. Background check application fees are non-refundable.

Question: I filled out my applications. When can I move in?

Answer:  Filling out the applications are not a guarantee of acceptance. References and or credit/income will be the defining factors.

Question: I am smoker but won’t smoke inside. Will I still be considered for tenancy?

Answer: Our building is a dedicated no-smoking building and we will consider non-smokers for tenancy first. However, the likely-hood of acceptance is low.

Question: Isn't denying a smoker a rental, discrimination?

Answer: No. In Colorado, landlords are allowed to deny tenancy to smokers, and we often seek non-smokers to rent since we've had issues in the past from smokers smoking in their units, or around the property when they said they wouldn't. 

Question: I have pets. Your listing says “no pets”. Do you make any exceptions?

Answer: I’m sorry, but the owners of the building are adamant about their no pets policy.  Pets include ALL animals, not just cats and dogs.

Question: I really want to rent a place in your apartment complex. Will you accept a deposit to hold the available rental?

Answer: We can’t accept deposits to hold rentals. If offered the rental, a first/last/deposit will be required at the time of move-in.

Question: My application was accepted and I was offered one of your rentals, but I only have enough for one or two of the three required move in amounts. Can I make make monthly payments for the remaining balance(s)?

Answer: No, we do not accept credit payments. If you don’t have the required amount to move in the rental will be offered to the next qualified applicant.

 Question: Your policy says no overnight guests, but I am staying a short time for my job/studies and my significant other might want to stay over with me occasionally. Is that allowed?

Answer: Unless your significant other is listed on your lease as an occupant or tenant, and your monthly rental fee reflects their status, i.e. paying an extra amount per month for a second person, then they will have to find accommodations elsewhere. 

Question: It doesn’t seem fair. Why can’t my “significant other” stay in my apartment/room with me for a day or two?

Answer: We realize this rule seems strict, but we’ve had too many issues with overnight guests causing problems, and some who have even moved their way into illegally living in the building. It is for these reasons we’ve banned overnight guests.

Question: Do I have to pay for any utilities?

Answer: Utilities included are: Gas heat/Evap Cooling (both regulated by the manager); trash pickup/water. Not included are: Internet/Wi-Fi/phone/TV. But the units are cable-ready.

 Question: I have more than one bicycle. Where can I store them?

Answer: All bikes are required to be stored inside your rental. Due to theft in the past, we no longer allow bikes to be chained to the outside of the building, and storing them in the hallways or entryways is not permitted.

Question: I have a camper top and other personal items. Can I store them against the outside building or under the outside stairwell or behind the building?

Answer: No, the storing of personal items in or around the building is prohibited. It is recommended you rent a storage unit instead.

Question: I’m a handy DIYer and/or have a home-based business. Can I repair my bikes or do any kind of welding or business in my rental?

Answer: Apartments and rooms may not be used for any kind of business transactions that require the use of machinery or any other destructive-type of work, and may not be used for any business activity that requires clients to frequently visit the apartment complex. 

Question: Do you have dedicated parking spots or a parking garage for your building?

Answer:  No. On-street parking only. You can also park in the parking lot behind the fire station; in the parking garage on the corner of 9th and Cooper, or any other street where there is available space. If you want to park in front of the building for more than two hours, a free parking permit with proof of residency (limit one per residential unit) may be obtained from the Glenwood Springs police department.

Question: I have more than one vehicle. Where can I park them?

Answer:  We have limited parking in front of the building and several tenants with a car. Only one permit per person per unit is allowed. Each permit will have the license plate number of that vehicle, so you would need to find other places to park.

A full list of apartment complex rules can be read on the Apartment Complex Rules link.